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Review: Bangalore Express, City of London

Review: Bangalore Express, City of London

Style Points: 2/5
Price: £
Overall: 3/5

Bangalore Express interior, City of London

Bangalore Express is nestled in a back street away from the cityfolk of Liverpool Street. We were whisked straight downstairs to the large, dimly lit restaurant and seated in a small booth. The décor was very plain and there was nothing very distinguishable around the room. We set about looking at the long menu and were equally delighted by the amount of vegetarian food available along with the delicious looking cocktails on offer.

Would I Want Seconds?

We started our meal with some poppadums followed by a variety of dishes including the onion and spinach bhajispao bhaji (vegetable mash in a buttered bap) and the long paneer shashlik skewers. Our eyes were definitely bigger than our bellies as the table filled with an abundance of food. I enjoyed the bhajis which incorporated the flavour of chaat on top of the 3 flavoursome bhajis. The paneer was filling and spicy but I did feel slightly let down by the pao bhaji which I had only previously experienced at Dishoom. It reminded me of the American ‘sloppy joe’ whereas Dishoom’s felt more like a spicy veggie burger.

I think we alarmed the waiters when we informed them that we wanted to order mains following our excessive starters but what sort of reviewer I be if I didn’t try it all? We chose to ‘Build Your Own Curry’ in which you choose the main part of your curry (vegetable), the sauce (mild korma), a side (mushroom and peas masala) and a rice (mushroom). We also had one of the South Indian dosas (rice and lentil giant crepe) with paneer mash.  

The huge main courses arrived and we did our best to get through them. The vegetables in the korma were not to my preference as there was lots of pepper and aubergine which are not my favourites. However I was pleasantly surprised to find cubes of paneer hidden within the curry, as if we hadn’t already had enough already! The dosa was crispy and packed with a spicy wholesome filling and it was refreshing to have a dish that was different from the normal curry and rice.

Can I Afford Seconds?

The prices at Bangalore Express vary throughout the lengthy menu. The small plates and Indian street food plates are around the £7 - £8 mark  The ‘Build Your Own Curry’ is £15.20 but this comes with a side, rice, naan and salad so you are really getting a lot for your money.

This can be said for all of the food at Bangalore Express and as the portions are so big you would not need to order as much as you think which in turn keeps the price down.


Bangalore Express is a bit of a mixed bag for me. We were not disappointed with the food but it didn’t wow us like other restaurants have. Also the décor was not memorable whatsoever, however this did not stop all the tables being filled with people hungrily devouring their food. The wide variety of dishes available at affordable prices mean that it is a good option if you are in the area.

I would love to work nearby and be able to pop up in for lunch but I am not sure I would choose Bangalore Express if I had to make the journey from Central London to the City for a swanky dinner.
Reviewed by guest writer @VeggieEatsLdn

Address: 1 Corbet Court, 3-6 Gracechurch St, London EC3V 0AT
Website: www.bangaloreuk.com
Tube: Bank

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