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Top 5 New London Restaurants in 2016

Top 5 New London Restaurants in 2016

My top 5 best new restaurants in London, 2016

2016 has been a great year for fabulous new restaurants opening up in London. Here’s a selection of my favourite new restaurants which have opened up in London 2016.

Best new restaurants 2016


Marylebone has it’s fair share of fabulous eateries, yet the opening to Kenyan/Indian restaurant Jikoni in the area still caused a heightened buzz. I was particularly excited about trying out Jikoni and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. Everything from the eclectic dishes, beyond cute interiors and personal customer service made Jikoni one of my top new London restaurants.


Hidden away in a back street in Fitzrovia, Foley’s is easy to miss, however walking past this gem would be a mistake. Foley’s serves a ‘Modern World’ wonders, a cuisine inspired by the spice trail. Brought together by Head Chef Mitz Vora fresh from his position as Sous Chef at The Palomar, Foley’s menu is exciting and the dishes are scrumptious. It definately makes my top 5!

Casita Andina

The latest addition to the Andina restaurants, Casita Andina serves homey Peruvian cuisine. The dishes are bright, healthy and bold with each dish presenting an unfamiliar and exciting combination or ingredient. Don’t be fooled by the simple decor, Castina Andina is a hub of flavour and one of my best new restaurants for 2016.


Baker Street rated poorly on restaurants until Yosma opened up in the middle of it. Serving up polished Turkish cuisine, this is as far from your local kebab shop as you can go. With authentic Turkish flavours, drinks and desserts, this mammoth restaurant is worth a visit and one of the stand out new restaurants in 2016.

The Barbary

Tucked away in Neal’s Yard of Seven Dials, The Barbary is one of those places you need to arrive early for to avoid the queue. With a line of diners literally snaking around the restaurant, this is strong testament to the quality of restaurant. Serving small plates with Berber-style flavors, all served around a bar circling the central kitchen, The Barbary is a gem from 2016.

Those are my top five new restaurants of 2016, what are yours? 

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Top 5 new restaurants 2016
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