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Travel: How to make the most of Venice in 48 hours.

Travel: How to make the most of Venice in 48 hours.

Travel Guide: 48 hours in Venice, Italy

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Grand Canal Venice - Travel Guide

Venice has always held a certain allure as one of the must-visit cities of Europe. So when I was looking for a destination for a weekend away, I though what better place than an Italian city full of gondolas, gelato and fabulous picture opportunities!
Though I discovered that there is so much more to Venice than what the stereotypes say. 

What to see in Venice:

  • Grand Canal - Venice’s Grand Canal is the main canal in the city, and most visitors will come across it at some point on their trip. It is crossed by the Rialto Bridge, which is usually busy and full of tourists so try and find another route to get across for a more relaxed trip!
  • Saint Mark’s Basilica - this stunning Roman Catholic church is in the centre of the main square Piazza San Marco and definitely worth a visit. The queues are long but move fast so if you only visit one of the many churches in Venice, make it this one. 
  • Doge’s Palace - located right next to Piazza San Marco and along the Grand Canal, Doge’s Palace is full of stunningly intricate art etched across the ceiling of every room. My favourite part of the Palace was entering the Bridge of Sighs looking out onto the Grand Canal, just like the prisoners did hundreds of years ago.
  • Gallerie dell'Accademia - Venice is full of museums located a short distance from each other. These include the Gallerie dell'Accademia and Museo Correr, which can all be visited on one ticket. There is definitely time to fit a few of these in on a weekend trip, especially as many of them are open till 10pm in the summer. 
  • Venice's Islands - One of my favourite parts of exploring Venice was actually visiting the Island dotted around it, all of which have a distinctly different feel to them. The Venetian island of Murano is the glass island of Venice famous of glass blowing and is lined with small artisan stores selling their wares. Torcello in the lagoon of Venice is green, quiet and sparsely populated, making it an ideal place to unwind. Finally the island of Burrano is famous for the brightly coloured fishermen’s homes and a lovely spot for a drink by the canal. 

What to eat in Venice:

  • Make your own gelato at White -  Gelato in Venice is delicious and very cheap! With many gelato shops dotting the canals including ‘White’ where you can construct your own delicacy!
  • Pizza/Pasta on the go - For those on a budget, the various pizza and pasta to-go outlets create fresh dishes with your chosen combinations. These include ‘Dal Moro's Fresh Pasta To Go’ and ‘Antico Fornes’ for quick pizza slices.
  • Fine dine at Cafe Florian -  Established in 1720 and located in the main square Piazza San Marco this is regarded as the oldest café in the world. Cafe Florian is perfect for a sense of occasion.
  • Tiramasu at Pasticceria Rizzardini - This small patisserie tucked away on an alley is full of pastries, cookies and snacks and a bar to match. This is know as the place to go for traditional Venetian pastries, cookies, coffee and of course tiramasu. It’s standing room only but the tiny and very cheap tiramisu are divine! 

Where to stay in Venice:

There are many modestly priced canal facing hotels in Venice which work well for a weekend away. If travelling in summer ensure they have air conditioning as it can get hot!

We stayed by the coach station, as this meant we were quite centrally based, but also only a 20min coach journey from the airport, which is perfect on short trips!

Travellers Tips for Venice!

  • Travel - When travelling on the islands it’s best to buy a 24 hour travel card for about €25. This way don’t have to cram all the islands in one day, and can also visit a the Lido island for the beaches too!
  • Museums - Buying a ticket to one of the museums mentioned above allows entry to many others in Venice too. Make the most of this alongside the late night museum openings in the summer.
  • Food - Gelato and coffee is super cheap and absolutely delicious. You don’t have to hunt out the perfect place to try these as the quality is so good any little shop will serve you fabulous coffee and ice cream.
  • Walking - Visiting Venice means a lot of walking as that’s the best and often only way to get around. Be prepared for miles of walking, including up and down bridges!


Venice is a beautiful city with so much to offer. I was surprised by just how many galleries there are in the city, as this is not something that’s associated with Venice very much. However I’ve realised that Venice is a city full of cultural, and so much more than a simple tourist attraction. 

I had a great time in Venice and now hold it in higher regard having discovered the art and culture it holds. I’m pleased to have finally visited the beautiful city of Venice. 
If you have any questions about my trip feel free to get in touch!

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