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Modern Indian food served with style at Kricket Soho

Modern Indian food served with style at Kricket Soho

Review: Modern Indian Food at Kricket Soho, London

Style Points: 4/5
Price: ££
Overall: 4/5

First founded in a tiny 20-seat shipping container in Brixton, the original Kricket restaurant was a hit on the Brixton dining scene. Now with a permanent location on the streets of the West End, Kricket Soho brings the same flaming flavours to Soho.

Opened on the 5th January 2017, I had a sneak peak of Kricket Soho at their soft launch. The soho location is focused on an open kitchen with primarily counter dining, as well a few booth style benches for groups. 

Kricket Soho restaurant

The counter seats are actually a great location to watch your order being cooked by the chefs from scratch. It’s also perfect to get the waiter's attention as well as admire the frenetic energy of a busy kitchen! 

Kricket Soho is primarily a walk-in restaurant so expect queues. Once seated on the counter stools, we placed our order and watched, and well as smelt, the aromas as the chef whipped it up. 

What’s on the menu?

Kricket Soho has a menu full of punchy Indian-inspired dishes with a strong western twist - to the extent that many of the dishes are unrecognisable from their original versions, but this isn’t a bad thing.

To drink we ordered with fresh lime soda with mint to start, a zesty and quenching drink which proved handy with some of the spicy dishes. 

We ordered a delicious bhel puri with a succulent dose of tamarind chutney, as well as crunchy and irresistible samphire pakoras to start.

Moving onto the larger dishes I tried the crab meen moilee with castlefranco and peanuts, we all as delicia pumpkin with makhani sauce, fresh paneer and hazelnut crumble. We ate this will a freshly-made-right-in-front-of-us Malabar paratha

Finally we tried the kichri with smoked haddock, pickled cauliflower and raw egg yolk. Although I’ve had kichri many times before, I’d never tried it with haddock and raw egg. This dish was actually a delicious surprise as and the flavours all worked well together. 

Could I afford to dine here again?

The prices at Kricket Soho are standard for the area and sufficient for the quality. The starters range from £5 to £7 and main courses are about £12. Although not a cheap meal, dining at Kricket Soho is worth the prices.


Although Kricket Soho is inspired by Mumbai’s street food, don’t come expecting Indian food from the menu, as this is not a traditional indian restaurant. Instead the dishes are innovative and exciting.

I particularly enjoyed the small dishes we had for starters but wasn’t as food of the main courses, perhaps because I had sampled a few too many different flavours in the restaurant by that point. 

Kricket Soho restaurant review - Fresh mint

Visit Kricket Soho’s website 
Address: 12 Denman St, Soho, London W1D 7HH
Tube Station: Piccadilly Circus

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