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Venetian Brunch at Polpo, Soho

Venetian Brunch at Polpo, Soho

Brunch at Polpo, Soho, London - Restaurant Review

Polpo Soho Review

Cuisine: Traditional Venetian
Style Points: 3/5
Price: ££
Overall: 4/5

Polpo describes itself as a a ‘bàcaro’, a Venetian word meaning a humble restaurant serving simple food and good and this certainly is the case with Polpo Soho. 

Depicting a faded charm of the Italian city of Venice, Polpo Soho is a cosy restaurant and ideal for a meal in the winter months. The low lighting and relaxed vibe make Polpo a great place to escape to whilst it gets cold and grim outside.

Polpo Soho

What's on the menu? 

Polpo’s brunch menu isn’t widely known about, and in fact we ended up with a brunch booking here as there was literally nowhere else with a table available for brunch when booking the night before!

Although the lunch and dinner menu at Polpo focuses on serving up small sharing plates, their brunch dishes were enormous and delicious. We ordered the smoked salmon, scrambled eggs & toasted sourdough and watercress, mushrooms and ricotta on toasted sourdough

Both dishes were served in large portions which would fuel a diner for the whole day! The presentation and taste of them was also perfect and we were very impressed. 

We also ordered ricotta doughnuts with cinnamon sugar as a sweet dish to end with. These arrived as three bite sized doughnuts which weren’t too sweet but ideal for ending the meal with, alongside a well made latte of course!

Brunch at Polpo Soho

Could I afford to dine here again?

The brunch menu at Polpo is extremely affordable, especially considering the amount of food served. The savory dishes are between £6-£8 and sweet dishes are £3. Breakfast drinks are also around £3 making it a very reasonable brunch!

Polpo Soho review


I had a great time brunching at Polpo. The atmosphere, food and staff were all fab and I would certainly return here for another sitting of giant brunch dishes.

Polpo Soho Menu

Visit Polpo’s website  
Closest Tube Station: Piccadilly Circus
Address: 41 Beak Street. London, W1F 9SB

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