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Lunching at Duck & Waffle Local, London

Lunching at Duck & Waffle Local, London

Review: Lunch at Duck & Waffle Local, Haymarket, London 

Duck and Waffle local interiors decor

Style Points: 4/5
Price: ££
Overall: 5/5

Duck & Waffle Local is the new more casual and affordable restaurant from the massively popular 24-hour Duck & Waffle in Liverpool Street
This new addition in Haymarket is located on the ground floor, and so doesn’t have the same stunning panoramic views as the original. However, the menu has been inspired by the original branch and features duck at its core. This is also a no-reservation restaurant, which adds to the casual vibe Duck & Waffle Local is aiming to promote.

Would I Want Seconds?

At Duck & Waffle Local food is ordered at the counter and there is a large board above the counter with the menu emblazoned on it.
Nearly every dish has duck in it, meaning it is a practically unavoidable ingredient (vegetarians beware). Once ordered we took our seats at an allocated table and wait for the food to be brought to us. 
For starters the menu features ‘Little Duck’ dishes such as duck jam doughnut and crispy duck necks. We ordered from the ‘Big Duck’ section of the menu and tried the infamous duck & waffle served with confit leg, fried duck egg, mustard maple syrup as well as the duck burger served with crispy duck leg, crushed noodles, miso mayonnaise and spiced slaw. Of course we couldn’t resist the duck fat fries with rosemary salt as a side.

The duck & waffle is a classic dish which the original restaurant has been serving for years. This means that this is a dish that they have perfected. The addition of the mustard maple syrup seeps into the waffle and eating this combined with the confit leg creates one glorious mouthful. 
The duck burger is also a stunning creation as the spiced slaw and miso mayonnaise add juicy moisture to the duck leg making it irresistible. 
Duck & Waffle Local also serve sweet waffles filled with delights such as the full Elvis which features peanut butter, strawberry jam, Chantilly cream, vanilla ice cream, peanut brittle and berries.

We also tired a few of Duck & Waffle Local’s signature drinks, including the duck and stormy and the millennial mojito. These were delightfully strong concoctions after which we needed a gourmet coffee from a nearby cafe to settle the nerves. 

Could I Afford Seconds?

Duck & Waffle Local is based on the idea of being cheaper and more accessible than the original, as a result, the prices are much lower too. Small dishes here range from £3-£6 and main dishes from £7-£12. These prices are very reasonable for a meal full of luxury ingredients.


Duck & Waffle Local does exactly what it set out to do by creating a casual, affordable dining space serving food the original branch is famous for.
As someone who has dined at the original Duck & Waffle countless times, I am so pleased that there is another venue for me to pop into whenever I like, without having to make a booking or check my savings account.

I welcome Duck & Waffle Local to the neighbourhood and I’m sure it won’t be long until I’m a regular there myself!

Duck and waffle local lunch review

Visit Duck & Waffle Local's website
Closest tube station: Picadilly Circus
Address: 52 Haymarket, St. James's, London SW1Y 4RP

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