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Lunch at Blixen, Shoreditch

Lunch at Blixen, Shoreditch

Restaurant Review: Blixen, Old Spitalfields Market, Shoreditch

Review lunch at Blixen Shoreditch

Style Points: 4/5
Price: £££
Overall: 4/5

Blixen has become an immensely popular restaurant in a short space of time, and I couldn’t resist but explore it’s radical rise to fame by making myself a lunch booking.

Essentially Blixen is an all-day brasserie located on the south side of Old Spitalfields Market. A huge part of it’s appeal is the gorgeous interiors, which include a lush canopy towards the back of the restaurant and a soaring backbar. Although Blixen is rated as a high end restaurant, the interiors, as well as the staff, are relaxed and informal and instead give off a much more informal vibe.

What's on the menu? 

The menu at Blixen caters for the fact that this is an old-day restaurant, with diners arriving at any point of the day for a meal that suits them. As a result, the menu at Blixen ranges from small dishes to graze on, through to larger dishes for a hearty meal. 

For our lunch, from the menu we ordered the potato rosti with spinach, poached egg and parmesan as well as a hearty rigatoni pasta dish. 

Both dishes were prepared promptly and tasted as expected, however I wasn’t blown away by the flavours which was unexpected given the amount of praise Blixen has received in the past. 

Could I afford to dine here again?

Blixen as actually well priced considering its high-end reputation. Lunch dishes on the menu cost between £7- £15 and desserts approximately £6. Considering Blixen’s reputation, they could definitely charge much more and still have diners flocking here.

Review Blixen Shoreditch


Blixen is a safe bet for a decent, well prepared meal in the heart of Shoreditch. Considering the large size of the restaurant it would also work quite well for large groups celebrating with a nice meal. 

Visit Blixen’s website
Closest Tube Station: Liverpool Street
Address: 65A Brushfield St, London E1 6AA

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