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Discovering the Greek Islands of Parga and Lefkas through food!

Discovering the Greek Islands of Parga and Lefkas through food!

Lefkada - greek food

One of my favourite things about travelling around Greece is definitely the food. From souvlaki to gyros I love the simple ingredients and delicious flavours of Greek food. So I decided to learn how to cook some of my favourite dishes at Jenius Social in North London.

Lefkas greek island

We started the evening by putting together a greek salad with the key ingredients of tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and feta cheese and delicious Kalamata olives. Finished with a generous drizzle of high quality olive oil, this salad was easy to make and full of flavour.

Next we tried spanakopitakia (spinach pie) and tiropita (cheese pie). We made parcels with filo pastry and filled them with spinach or ricotta, or even both if you like it that way! These tempting little parcels are then baked and served with a slice of tzatziki.

We then started to put together some stuffed tomato and peppers, which were filled with bulgar wheat, courgette, red onion, and of course dried oregano. Once the tomatoes and peppers were stuffed, I added a handful of grated cheese and breadcrumbs to the top for added texture, and placed them into the oven to cook.

Our main course was souvlaki, one of my favourite Greek dishes, so I couldn’t wait to learn how to cook it. This called for a special Greek spice mix, made up of dried oregano, dried marjoram, dried mint, garlic powder and sumac. We then marinated chicken thighs in the delicious spice mix with the help of some olive oil added to the mixture. The next steps included skewering the chicken and placing in a pre-heated oven for about 18 minutes.

Once all the dishes were prepared we sat down at the beautifully laid table to enjoy our dishes, and to learn more about Jet2Holiday’s new 2020 Greek island destinations, Parga and Lefkas.

Lefkas greek island


A picturesque seaside town reminiscent of French Riviera, the Parga area stretches along mainland Greece’s western coast. Parga is full of unspoilt beauty including beautiful beaches, spellbinding scenery and historical charm too. Flights come into Preveza airport.

Find out more about Parga.

Pargas - greek food


Lefkas is a hidden gem offering the winning combo of postcard good looks and go-slow vibes. Full of barely-touched beaches, wild olive groves and sparkling emerald-green waters, Lefkas is an idyllic Greek location. Closest airport is Preveza airport.

Find out more about Lefkas.

Lefkada - greek island

I was invited to the event hosted by Jet2Holidays.

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