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6 ways to stay #SoberNotSorry beyond Dry January

6 ways to stay #SoberNotSorry beyond Dry January

Stay #SoberNotSorry with these soft drinks for adults - Ad

Britvic Soft Drinks

This is a paid partnership in collaboration with Britvic PLC - all opinions are my own.

Dry January may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to go right back on the hard stuff come February 1st. Stick to your healthy routine with Britvic's refreshingly delicious range of soft drinks to make sure you stay #SoberNotSorry for the rest of 2019.

Here's my 6 favourite soft drinks that I turn to when I could do with a drink!

  1. R White’s Lemonade

R White's Lemonade

R White’s is a much loved household name and I can still remember many an afternoon drinking their delicious cloudy lemonade on the way home after school. Lucky for me, R White’s have continued to make great tasting lemonade since those long gone days and along with Traditional Cloudy lemonade there is also Raspberry and Pear & Elderflower. Along with cans they are available in beautiful glass bottles so make sure you give them a go for a refreshing low-calorie lemonade made with real juice.

2. Purdey’s Multivitamin Energy

Purdey's Multivitamin Energy

You’ve probably seen the distinctive glass bottle covered in a stylish metallic coating sitting on supermarket shelves but if you haven’t given Purdey’s a go yet, you should definitely make it your next purchase when you next need an energy boost during a long day. A combination of fruit juice, B vitamins, natural plant extracts and carbonated spring water, Purdey’s is a healthier alternative to other energy drinks on the market and contains no caffeine, artificial flavourings, colours, preservatives or sweeteners. It’s available in two delicious blends Rejuvenate, a unique blend of grape and apple juice, and Edge, made with dark fruit juices.

3. J20 Spritz

J20 Spritz

J20 Spritz is a sophisticated range of low calorie fruit drinks made with fruits and lightly carbonated water to create a satisfying taste sensation. J20 Spritz is available three great flavours - Apple & Watermelon, Pear & Raspberry, and Peach & Apricot. I’d recommend the Apple & Watermelon flavour, which is packed with watermelon flavour to make it a satisfying and refreshing drink that goes perfectly with food. Did I mention that the drinks only have 55 calories per bottle? The perfect guilt-free refreshment!

4. Aqua Libra Infused Sparkling Water

Aqua Libra Infused Sparkling Water

Aqua Libra drinks are crisp, clean and unsweetened. The fruity flavours don't contain any sugar, sweeteners or anything artificial at all.

These delightfully simple drinks are made  with sparkling water infused with natural fruity flavours and a dash of lemon juice. This means the Aqua Libra range is delightfully thirst-quenching and energising too. Instead, these drinks achieve their flavour from essential oils, aromas and fruit extracts with under 3 calories per 330ml can! Aqua Libra is available in three tasty flavours - Raspberry and Apple, Grapefruit and Pineapple, and Tangerine.

5. Robinsons Fruit Creations

Robinsons Fruit Creations

Made with twice the fruit as standard squash, Robinsons Fruit Creations are tasty and juicy fruit blend drink that are both flavourful and refreshing. Some of the fantastic flavours in the range include Exotic Pineapple, Mango & Passion Fruit, Zesty Orange & Mango, Delicious Peach & Raspberry, and Juicy Pear, Blackcurrant & Cherry.

6. Robinsons Fruit Cordials

For a sophisticated twist to squash there are Robinsons Fruit Cordials which have been created with combinations of real fruit and botanical flavours. What’s more, the drinks are presented in gorgeous glass bottles. Some of the delicious flavours in the range include Pressed Pear and Elderflower, Crushed Lime and Mint, and Rhubarb, Raspberry and Orange Blossom. With Mojitos being one of my favourite cocktails, of course, I love the Lime and Mint flavour, which is bursting with flavour and tastes absolutely fantastic simply poured over crushed ice in a tall glass to give it that cocktail feel.

So there you have it, a great range of refreshing and thirst-quenching soft drinks to keep you alcohol-free in 2019. Make sure you give these delicious drinks a try to Stay #SoberNotSorry beyond Dry January.

This is a paid partnership in collaboration with Britvic PLC - all opinions are my own.

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