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Dinner Time Stories with Le Petit Chef, London

Dinner Time Stories with Le Petit Chef, London

Le Petit Chef at TT Liquor, Shoreditch - Review

Le Petit Chef London Review

Cuisine: International
Style Points: 3/5
Price: £££
Overall: 4/5

The smallest chef in the world has come to London! Dinner Time Story is a new and entirely innovative dining concept based around the culinary exploits of a tiny little animated chef. Le Petit Chef follows in the footsteps of Marco Polo and travels the world, with each course representing a different country. 

Set along the famous Silk Road, the experience takes guests on a journey from Marseilles to China, using  3D visual technology storytelling.


When we were arrived, we were seated around a large group table, and then were presented with our very own 3D animated show, taking place on our tablecloth! 

As well as a tiny-sized chef moving around the table, muttering in French cooking up delicious concoctions, there are also birds, boats, and fire-breathing dragons flying over our plates.

The six course tasting menu, aims to showcase all the very best from countries along the Silk Road. We tried earthy tagines and aromatic curries, fresh seafood and fusion desserts as Le Petit Chef travels through Middle East, India and China and he’s own home
town in Western France. 

My favourite course was the Middle Eastern Meze platter, as there was a variety of little dishes to tuck into, and the presentation in an old Arabian case with a mini shisha pipe was perfectly atmospheric.

Throughout the evening, the food is accompanied by a bespoke wine and cocktail pairing by
the TT Liquor bar team, drawing upon a decade’s worth of cocktail experience. 


Tickets are priced at £95 including six courses of food and drinks.


I was really looking forward to experiencing Dinner Time Stories with Le Petit Chef and the animation, atmosphere and props certainly didn’t disappoint. However the experience is quite lengthy and the portions of each course are tiny; this meant that as I arrived super hungry I actually left even hungrier! I’d recommend seeing this as an experience rather than a full meal and enjoying the exploits of Le Petit Chef like you would an immersive show.

Confirmed London dates throughout October 2017 to end of August 2018
Tickets, priced at £95 are available on Dinner Time Stories website.

Address: TT Liqour, 17B Kingsland Road, London E2 8AA

Le Petit Chef London Review

We were guests of Dinner Time Stories.

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