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Mayfair's best vegetarian restaurant - Tibits, London

Mayfair's best vegetarian restaurant - Tibits, London

Tibits Mayfair - Restaurant Review

Cuisine: Vegetarian and Vegan Buffet (various cuisines)
Style Points: 3/5
Location: Mayfair
Price: ££
Overall: 4/5

Tibits mayfair london review

Veganism has managed to buck the trend and has very much shed the image of being a temporary fad among a minority of people. It is now very much mainstream, and restaurants like Tibits are doing well to cater to a growing section of society that abstain from all animal products.

Started by three brothers in Zurich, Tibits has grown to encompass eleven restaurants across Switzerland, one in Germany, and two in London - Mayfair and Southwark. The menu changes depending on the season and is entirely vegetarian with around half of the dishes being vegan.

The concept is also a little different. Instead of picking from a menu and paying at the end of your meal like usual, at Tibits you pick your food from the ‘Food Boat’ and you pay by how much your meal weighs. This way you get to choose how much or how little you want to eat which should help to lower food wastage by giving you the power to choose your own portion. In terms of pricing, for lunch it is £2.60 per 100g (£1.90 to takeaway) and for dinner it is £2.90 per 100g (£1.90 to takeaway.)

Tibits london review


There are around forty dishes on the ‘Food Boat’ and everything looked very tasty. As we could choose whatever we wanted it was very tempting to try a little of everything and I almost did! Some of the many dishes included dried bean salad, Moroccan fennel salad, macaroni and broccoli cheese, maple roast parsnips and sweet potatoes, caesar salad, spring kimchi, beer battered onion rings, Indian aloo muddai, Lebanese tabouli salad and butterbean, sweet potato & kale korma.

To be honest, I was expecting more ‘main’ dishes to go with the salads and side dishes but I guess the dishes do change depending on the season and there were still some curries to try.

Everything tasted healthy and fresh and some of the standout dishes for me were the macaroni and brocooli cheese and the butterbean, sweet potato and kale korma. Although I am a carnivore, I didn’t miss meat at all and found myself really enjoying the various vegetable dishes that had their own unique flavours. Nothing was bland and it was a really satisfying meal.

We also had a Maple Syrup Old Fashioned and a Prosecco Bellini but to be honest these were very strong because the person at the till was new and unfortunately didn’t know how to make them. In any case cocktails aren’t their specialty and in hindsight we would have gone for one of their smoothies.

Of course I saved room for dessert and I had my eyes on their signature sticky toffee pudding. Along with this, I tried slice chocolate pudding and the Victoria sponge pudding because why not! With this, we tried their fabulous iced coffee and iced chocolate drinks which I have to say were extremely delicious and worthy of coming back to Tibits all on their own. Each pudding was really nice but I have to say my favourite was the Victoria sponge pudding which I couldn’t believe had no eggs in it as it was very airy and light.

Tibits london review


It really does depend on how much you put on your plate of course but my plate came to around £15-16 and was a normal sized portion so I’d say expect to pay around this price for a main meal. The dessert came to around £8 so I would classify the prices to be normal for the area.


I had a great experience dining at tibits and felt it was a cosy and relaxing environment to have some nice, wholesome vegetarian and vegan food. As I work in the area I’d definitely come back during lunch hours as it is the ideal place to grab quick yet tasty bite.

This is certainly a restaurant to try if you’re vegetarian or vegan and even if you’re not you’ll be happy with the selection they have. Of course, this is not a fine-dining establishment, but even so everything tasted very nice and I certainly felt satisfied at the end of the meal.

Tibits london review

Find out more about Tibits on their website!
Address: 12-14 Heddon St, Mayfair, London W1B 4DA
Closest tube station: Piccadilly Circus

Special thanks to Tibits for their hospitality!

Tibits Mayfair London review
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