La du du

Where: West Hampstead
Cuisine: Vietnamese
Swank Levels: 4/5

View at the bar

Despite the strange sounding name, La du du has a lovely little corner location in the midst of West Hampstead, fitted out with a combination of single and shared wooden tables, comfy couch seating around the edges and black and silver painted walls. This is contrasted with potted green herbs set on every table bringing a beautiful smell into the square space.

In this way La du du has managed to create a relaxing yet contemporary feel to the restaurant, and with the flood of sunlight pouring in through the front, it is the perfect place to chill out on a summer’s evening.

Area 3

Would I Want Seconds?

I was recommended this restaurant because of the amazing flavours offered up by La du du and it didn’t fail to reach my expectations.

This restaurant has an exciting range of starters as well as main courses and desserts, and significantly many of their main courses can be ordered either as a vegetarian dish or with a meat of choice. This opens up a larger variety of dishes for vegetarians, something which is hard to find for a restaurant serving up food from the Far East. In addition they also have Gluten Free options and helpful ‘Spice Level’ markers on the menu to avoid any hot surprises.

I tried the Dry noodles with Vegetarian spring rolls and the dish was oozing with sharp and refreshing flavours despite the simple combination of ingredients on the plate. The servings come in healthy portions and one main course is enough to fill a stomach, though the starters must be sampled due to the unique combinations they offer, including the Vietnamese Pancakes and Soft Shell Crab.

The extensive drinks menu is also worth a mention here. Ranging from fresh juices from young coconuts, lycees or ginger, Lime-o-nade (lemonade made with limes), avocado shakes as well as teas and bottled Vietnamese beers, mojitos and cocktails; the drinks menu here is as long as the food menu and just as good too.

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Could I Afford Seconds?

Yes, the prices at La du du are affordable and appropriate to the portion sizes too. Starters range from £5.50-£8 and main courses are £8.50-£11. Unlike many restaurants who edge up profits through their drinks, the drinks at La du du are also well-priced with juices costing around £2.50, mojitos around £4.50 and cocktails starting at £7.50.

Enjoy your coffee here.

I’m very pleased indeed to have this new restaurant open in my local area! The location, d├ęcor, prices and food are all perfect and the best aspect of all this is that they are open all day. This, with a combination of free Wi-Fi, comfy cushioned seating, delightful drinks menu and relaxed approach from the staff means I’m sure many afternoons will spent ambling time away in La du du.


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