Review: 10 Greek Street, Soho

Cuisine: Modern British
Price: £££
Swank Levels: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

My delicious lunch!
10 Greek Street approaches swank from a different direction. Diners can be forgiven for walking straight past it as from the outside the restaurant consists of a black panel, a semi-tinted black window and ‘ten’ written above the front door. There is no flashy name, entrance or décor and this is the beauty of the place.

This small new restaurant has perfected its minimalist-with-a-dash-of-quirky look very well, with its plain wooden chairs and no table cloths look. The originality come from little touches such as the water being served in milk bottles and the menu found chalked on blackboards and in scrolls rolled up on the table.

Although this may not sound appealing in a conventional sense, 10 Greek Street has already established itself as the fashionable place to dine, with a queue of carefree successful twenty-somethings waiting in line to dine there almost every night. Though this queue is also partially the result of the restaurant only have 30 covers to offer, and the fact that they only take bookings for lunch.

Would I Want Seconds?

It’s the food, and not the décor that has boosted this restaurant to fame, as each dish served is faultless, including the free bowl of delicious bread which is placed on the table.

 Although the menu is limited the flavours in each dish ooze in a way only an experienced or naturally talented chief born solely for this profession can create. In addition the menu isn’t an easy one to cook, as diners will find none of the easy classics on offer, instead dishes are composed of exquisite base ingredients such as queen scallops, duck liver, mussels and wild mushrooms. This is a menu the likes of which I have not seen in many other restaurants and as a result I would definitely want to keep eating it.

Could I Afford Seconds?

After a meal here diners will probably need another course as the portions can also be described as being on the minimalist side. The prices here are not as high as its direct competitors’ in Soho (Polpo being one of them), but a main course will cost you between £10- £20 depending on what you order, as the vegetarian dishes are cheaper than the ones with exclusive cuts of meat. Desserts cost between £5-£7 and small plates are about £6. Although this may not sound like a lot, for the sizes that are served it can’t help but feel like a bit pricy.

Overall: 4/5

Soho is one of the few places in London where certain restaurants become fashionable for a period of time. 10 Greek Street is certainly in season at the moment and so worth paying the price if you want to be seen as keeping up with current trends.  However the food here is delectable and I would definitely recommend the unique dishes they have on offer here even if fashion is not your thing.

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