Review: Cinnamon Soho

Cuisine: Indian
Price: £££
Swank Levels: 3/5
Overall: 3/5

Having dined at the beyond prestigious Cinnamon Club in Westminster, I had high hopes for Cinnamon Soho, the sister restaurant found in a slightly dodgy looking street just off Carnaby Street. But this is the problem of being the younger sister of a fabulous sibling, especially if you don’t live up to the standards of grace and splendor that have already been set.

Despite the instant comparison that it going to be made, Cinnamon Soho aims for a different approach to that of Cinnamon Club and pitches itself as more informal, ‘cheekier’ and supposedly cheaper alternative.

The aim was to be sleek and sexy and it’s obvious that an attempt was made, however the dark wooden walls and stripped lighting create an interior which is too dark for my liking. Additionally the odd arrangement of tables to make use of the rectangular shaped space makes its seem more like a café than a restaurant. Had I not known already I wouldn't have guessed that this restaurant had any links to institution that is the Cinnamon Club.

Would I Want Seconds?

Laying the dingy décor aside, Vivek Singh has once again produced a very unique all day dining menu. There are very few curries on this menu, instead the focus is traditional British favourites which have been twisted into Indian flair.

This is a highly innovative menu with a focus on Balls, a dish which has been awarded best in top 100 dishes  by Time out. This plate consists of a collection of balls including crab-cake balls, potato bondas and even tiny scotch quail eggs, all encased in different batters and served with a unique and delicious chutney. This party-show-piece of a dish is fun to eat as you discover the varying tastes of each one and it works well as a starter.

Apart from the balls, the all-day dining menu has many options including strange pies with Indian fillings. However many of these dishes are small and the portions smaller, resulting in a need to order more.

The best part of my meal was my dessert, an exquisite combination of Sticky toffee pudding with ginger and garam masala which still has my mouth watering.

Could I Afford seconds?

Cinnamon Soho is one of those restaurants which I would say is not worth the price unless your dining with a deal, which exactly what I did.

The Pre-Theater menu allows you to choose from 2 courses for £15 or 3 courses for £18. This is available for lunch during 12 noon - 2.45pm and for dinner between 6pm - 7pm & after 9.30pm from Monday –Saturday. I opted for a main and a dessert from the set menu and the Balls dish as a starter, as this is a must try. These three courses were well worth the price we paid an enough to fill you up for the evening. This menu makes Cinnamon Soho more accessible and is worth a try.

Overall 3/5

Cinnamon Soho is the third restaurant from the Cinnamon range and it still has a lot of growing up to do. The dark location doesn't help as does the average service. However the food served here cannot be found in any other restaurant in the UK and is the factor which keeps this place going.
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