Where: Covent Garden

Cuisine: British/Med

Swank Levels: 4/5

This little gem tucked away in a corner of St. Martins courtyard impresses at first sight. The glassed walls look into a two floored dining area which is decked out with beautiful chandeliers, ornate candelabras and twinkling candles placed on cleverly aged wooden tables. On these tables are topped off with more candles in in old jam jars and aged oatmeal cans holding the cutlery.
Aside from these bohemian delicate additions, the walls are the most striking, as they are all stacked with homemade produce from the floor to the ceiling, all of which are for sale. Some of them also hang from the ceiling, such as bunches of dried red chillies. Bill’s prides itself on the local produce that it serves to the extent that it is displayed abundantly all over the restaurant.

This is a swish setting, but significant additions such as blackboards scribbled with the day’s recipe and the genuinely friendly and attentive nature of the waiters add a deliberate homely and relaxed feel to this restaurant.

Would I Want Seconds?

The first Bill’s opened in 2001 in East Sussex and it combined a grocers, selling baskets of local fruit and veg and a deli offering handmade produce such as jam and olive oil, all alongside an informal cafe too. This has now developed into a few more branches, including this very popular one in Covent Garden.

Although this branch focuses less on the grocer side of the original conception, the deli idea has grown into a full size authentic restaurant serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and drinks, all of which are freshly prepared.

The menu here is adventurous offering a mix of its own dishes as well as its own take on some traditional classics. The lunch and dinner menu includes pearl-barley risotto, moules frites containing mussels couscous, halloumi and houmous as well as home classics such as burgers and fish finger sandwiches and chicken caesar salad.

They also have sharing boards which are ideal to nibble on and come with a collection of olives, hummus, salsa and pitta bread amongst other little additions. All these dishes are exciting to read about on the menu, well thought out in the portions and cooked with fresh ingredients, creating delicious dishes.

However, it is the award-winning breakfasts and the brunch menu which is most popular and the restaurant is always bustling at this time. The menu for this time of day is quite traditional, offering full breakfasts, including a vegetarian option, smoked salmon, eggs and toast, all cooked in different ways to suit you.

Alongside the food, the drinks are also decadent. The hot chocolate is topped off with a gigantic whip of cream and chocolate sprinkles and the delicious smoothies are dairy free.

My Hot Chocolate with Cream

Could I Afford Seconds?

Bill’s is a deli-style restaurant, but a swanky one at that. As a result prices mirror this upmarket feel. Main courses will range from about £9 - £10, with sides such as salad and chips costing £3 and pudding including eton mess, brownies and sundaes cost about £6.

My Warm Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Pod Ice Cream

The Breakfast menu has a similar pattern of prices, with a full breakfast costing about £8 and smaller options such as porridge, scrambled eggs or French toast costing about £4 to £6.

Drinks are much more reasonable with hot drinks milkshakes and smoothies costing about £3. In this way, if your budget isn’t sky high then it is still worth visiting Bill’s for a causal drink and some sides, as the Bill’s have no problem with diners taking up tables just for a coffee.

Overall: 4/5

Bill’s is a restaurant where you can buy fresh supplies to take home with you after your meal. But the multi-tasking doesn’t end there, as this is also one of a very few places in the area that is ideal for a hearty Breakfast, quick lunch, relaxed dinner or for just a coffee.

I would highly recommend Bill’s as an impressive but relaxed venue for a drink. It’s also perfected for a casual meal if you’re not too put off by the prices.