Review: Kilis Kitchen, Angel

Cuisine: Turkish
Price: £££
Swank Levels: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Kilis is the kind of place where love stories start.
From the moment you step into the low ceilinged warmly coloured restaurant there is an instant aura of comfort. This restaurant seems to emanate a welcoming glow, and the waiters all emphasis this as they graciously greet diners.

The wooden tables are small and low, and close together, and in any other restaurant this would be an issue. But not here, as the proximity seems to make it seem more homely and snug rather than a formal dining space.

The first section of the restaurant is endearing, but the back half is stunning. Here tables are set around a large water fountain with a beautiful enormous Turkish lamp suspended above it. Although this may sound tacky, when surrounded by Anatolian art, smaller twinkling lamps, and Turkish trinkets, this space is transformed into a heady haven.

Would I Want Seconds?

Yes. Kilis is named after a City in the South East of Turkey renowned for its grape, olive and pistachio orchards. This culinary heritage is oozes out of the menu here, as the City of Kilis also happens to be the birthplace of founder Mehmet Kocakerim.
Kilis serves Turkish favourites such as lahmacuns, pides, kebabs and baklava made with home grown pistachios. All food here is prepared by hand using cooking methods passed down over generations. Also available on the extensive menu are Lebanese and Syrian influenced dishes such as mezza and grills.

There are many tempting dishes on the menu at Kilis including vegetarian options too. The dishes I have tasted here are beyond delicious. There is a very unique and authentic hint to them all which can only be the result of pursuing and aiming to deliver the high standards stemming from their culinary heritage.

Can I Afford Seconds?

Yes. Amazing food and affordable prices are a dangerously good combination. Well sized main courses which usually come with salad, rice and bread, depending on the dish you choose, are prized at between £9- £14. The starters are also excellent value for money for the amount of food provided.
Kilis also offers great value set lunches at 2 course £8.95 for 3 course £10.95 as well as Party, Christmas and Valentine menus. In this way, not only is this restaurant ideal for dinner for two, also perfect for hosting a group gathering for those most important to you.

Overall: 5/5

The ethos of the restaurant is to provide diners with a dining experience beyond expectations leaving you eager to return, and this certainly is the case.
This is a very special little restaurant, and I’d recommend you bring those who are very special to Kilis.