Review: Little Bay, Kilburn

Cuisine: European
Price: £££
Swank Level: 5/5

Little Bay doesn’t fit into the traditional definition of swank in that it isn’t glitzy or glam, however it’s stunning decor is that gives the restaurant its unique factor.

The d├ęcor of all their restaurants is very flamboyant with maroon walls, golden mirrors and red melting candles held up in old ¬wine bottles. This creates a very chic boudoir atmosphere which is very distinctive and immensely charming dining environment. The Kilburn branch also has very cute little galleries where you can eat overlooking the diners below, very ornate!

Would I Want Seconds?
Yes! The same dish over and over again please - it is that good. The food at Little Bay is fresh, tasty and wholesome. There do not make an unnecessary amount of fuss, instead the focus is on the flavour, which is intensely good.

My favourite dish is their Risotto with Shitaki Mushrooms, Red Peppers and an amazing secret sauce. For dessert their white chocolate and pistachio parfait is unbelievable. They also serve Salmon, Duck and Lamb Steak so although their menu is minimal, it is not limited. All this combined with a free basket of warm bread and butter equals a perfect meal.

Could I Afford Seconds?

Oh Yes! Last summer Little Bay allowed diners to pay as much or a little as they liked for their meal, and made a huge profit out of it. Currently all their dishes are slashed to half the price if you order before 7pm, and even if you have to pay the full price, it is still ridiculously affordable. Starters and desserts are less than £4 full price and main courses are about £7, so the half price offer is so good it practically a scandal.

Overall: 5/5

My favourite restaurant, even when compared against the Michelin star giants, Little Bay is one of those chic little affordably good local restaurants that you would want to and can return to time and time again.

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