Review: Rosa's, Soho

Where: Soho
Cuisine: Thai
Swank Levels: 3/5
Overall: 4/5

More cute than swanky. Rosa’s doesn’t look like a standard Thai restaurant but this is part of its appeal. The warm inviting red exterior leads into a light timber lined room, filled with chunky wooden table, quirky red stools and low level lighting.
In this way Rosa’s fulfils the requirements of being a restaurant in Soho; unique decor, cosy but small size and exciting food.

Would I Want Seconds?

Yes. Rosa’s serves up what it calls modern Thai cuisine in a very modern setting, and it does this very well. The food is fresh and light with snatches of the authentic tastes of Thailand’s market stalls. Portion sizes are substantial but this doesn’t lead to a loss of flavour; instead the curry dishes are not overwhelmingly large and saucy, and the stir fries are not just piles of bean sprouts. Instead thought has gone into balancing out the different ingredients placed on the plate, creating Thai treat.

Their menu has a load of choice on offer for vegetarians and meat eaters within various categories including stir fried dishes, curry dishes, char-grilled dishes, rice and salads.

Could I Afford Seconds?

Yes. Main courses cost approximately £9 - £13 which is perfect for the quality, portion and taste of the dishes. Though the food is so scrumptious I would suggest trying their starters as well! They also have various lunch deals on offer which are sign posted outside on a charming old school chalk board.

Overall: 4/5
Rosa’s is the perfect restaurant for a warming relaxed meal in the West End. The food served is ideal for both lunch and dinner and bound to cater to a variety of taste buds. If looking to dine in the area, Rosa’s should definitely be your first choice.


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