Review: Dinner at Momo

Where: Mayfair
Cuisine: North African/Moroccan
Swank levels: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Situated just behind Regent’s Street in the rather swish Heddon street, Momo is a restaurant which completely matches the surroundings in swanky factor.

The entrance and outside eating area is lush with welcoming foliage and the inviting promise of self-indulgence inside. The inside lives up to this as it is filled with the perfect combination of authentically styled carved wood, luxurious fabrics and atmospheric lighting reflecting off crystal glasses. This is then topped off with cosmopolitan finish making it unique from the many heavily souk styled Moroccan restaurants in the capital.

The restaurant consists of four spaces: restaurant, cafĂ© and tea room, outdoor terrace and basement bar/disco and all these sections are worth a try. But despite this the restaurant isn’t a mash of ideas; instead each section has a clear purpose.

Apart from certain odd quirks like rather low seating and neglecting to put a sign up outside with the name of the restaurant, making it very hard to find, Momo has mastered idiosyncratic swank. This may through the inspiration it has gained from its sister restaurants in Paris, Dubai and Beirut.

Would I Want Seconds?

Why yes please. Although diners aren’t drowning in choice, everything on the menu originates from traditional North African recipes. This means that the food isn’t overly fussy and portions are substantial. In addition they source and use the best fresh ingredients every day. This translates into the dishes served as they all have a warming fresh and engaging flavour about it.

Could I Afford Seconds?

No. The set menu for dinner is £49 per person for three course and the a la carte menu just as pricey. However there are other less pricey means of dining at the restaurant which involves making use of their offers. For example their Lunch Menu is less than £20 for three course and it serves much of the same food as the dinner menu.

You could also opt for a light meal in the infamous Kemia Bar rather than a full meal but , Momo’s also serves a very unique Moroccan Afternoon Tea which would make a very quaint dining options

Though having dinned here both during lunch and dinner, it is definitely in the evening when the restaurant comes of life and the exquisite decor shines.

Overall: 5/5
A very glamorous and atmospherically magical restaurant with excellent service. Although slightly pricey Momo is an ideal restaurant for a special meal or gathering and the whole ambience is well worth experience.


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