Review: Souk Medina, Covent Garden

Cuisine: North African
Swank Levels: 3/5
Overall: 2/5

The interior expressive to say the least; there is an exotic ambience created by, subtle, almost dark lighting, cave like dining areas, low seating luxury cushions and massive of tea lights. This all transports you to an idealistic North African setting.
It is certainly impressive and the perfect setting for a few cozy drinks or dinner, if a little over done.

Would I Want Seconds?

I wouldn’t say that food is the strength of this restaurant. The interior out shines the food in many ways. Their dishes lack the same wow factor delivered by the decorations. The tastes are subtle rather than powerful or inventive and the portions are not on the liberal side.

Could I Afford Seconds?

Souk Medina has many deals such as their set lunch and dinner menus which make it affordable. However be warned, with these offer the portion sizes are tiny. In addition, without any offer the prices are affordable but not always worth the quality of the food.

Overall: 2/5

Nice place for the setting and a few relaxed drinks with friends and they also have a sister restaurant called Souk Bazaar not too far away. However I wouldn’t come here if you were hungry and craving something tasty.

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