Review: Mango Tree, Belgravia

Cuisine: Thai
Swank Levels: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Stopped in my tracks, open mouthed wow factor swank. Yes this place looks this good! From the inviting doors to the atmospheric reception to the best bit: the spacious, warmly lit restaurant interior.

This is a large restaurant but it certainly doesn’t feel that way. This is mainly because they have the lighting spot on, it’s not dark and dingy but at the perfect soothing level creating a cosy atmosphere amongst your table without limiting your view of the other diners around you.

This lighting combined with the colour scheme of dark browns seems to enhance the glow of the gold furnishing. Leafy plants and large Thai ornaments are dotted across the place. Yet the style is still minimalistic, they go for impact with large ornaments rather than having many smaller items scattered across the space.
It certainly is very atmospheric, dare I say it, even magical? This may be because the layout has been designed according to feng-shui to enhance the dining experience – and believe me it works.

The waiting staff are dressed in matching traditional Thai outfits and offer a traditional Thai service with accepting bows offered to every request leading. In essence every diner feels spoils because of the staff’s attention to detail, leading to the most polished service I’ve experienced anywhere.

Would I Want Seconds?

Yes yes yes. I think I’ve eaten the most in this restaurant than in any other, regardless of the price, and that’s saying something!

Mango tree has won numerous awards for its unique food creations and this is clearly visible and palatably obvious. Most significantly the restaurant won the Thai Chef of the Year 2003 award in the Fusion category and this is demonstrated by perfect balance of innovation and classic cuisine in all its dishes. But Mango tree still manages to serves an extensive menu full of genuine Thai dishes. These all use the perfect subtle layering of Thai flavours and is served in generous portions.

There is also a large amount of option for vegetarians and vegans for which they have a unique menu. Needless to say, the vegetarians options taste just as fab!

Could I Afford Seconds?

Umm no, but this probably won’t stop you. The food is so delicious that you will wonder if the £7 plus desserts will match up to the class of the courses you’ve just eater; a thought that is so tempting that despite the well portioned main course, you will still order dessert and find that it is just as amazing.

Mango Tree do have various offers advertised on its website, such as Sunday Lunch deals, group offers on set meals and Thai High tea. But the menu for these are limited and although you may get a small taste of Mango Tree’s creed, I would say it’s defiantly worth going all out and forking out for what will be a lovely, delicious, atmospheric and unforgettable dinner.

This is especially the case if you are celebrating a birthday as the restaurant will provide a small complimentary birthday cake for the one celebrating if booked in advance. This place is just to good!

Overall: 4/5

I really want to give this place 5/5 but I can’t because it doesn’t fit the criteria of being affordable. Despite this Mango Tree offers exquisite Thai cuisine in an exquisite surrounding with faultless service. If there is one pricey restaurant you visit in London, make it this one.


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